Tesla Model S Plaid Review

Is the new Tesla Model S Plaid as rapid as the figures suggest? We hit the road to find out...

Tesla Model S Plaid beats Nurburgring record again

Tesla has surpassed its own record for electric production cars around the iconic Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit.

Tesla Model S and Model X axed in Australia; UK to continue

Tesla might have canceled right-hand drive production of the Model S and Model X for Australian orders, but the UK gets a windfall in the form of Plaid models.

Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack breaches 320km/h

Tesla's Model S Plaid Track Package adds a much-needed brake upgrade and a new top speed.

Tesla Model S Plaid tri-motor production ramps up

Plaid variants of the Tesla Model S and Model X will go on sale in markets outside of the US, finally. Tesla will release the...

Tesla Model S drives over 1200km on a single charge

A US-based battery technology firm has fitted an experimental battery to the Tesla Model S