MG4 “very high-performance” model to launch next year


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MG will launch a performance variant of the new MG4 in 2023.

MG is set to continue its electrification onslaught with a slew of new and refreshed models, including a performance version of the MG4.

The MG4 is expected to launch in Australia early next year, and towards the middle of 2023, MG will be introducing the new hot MG4 model, although it is yet to be confirmed for Australia.

“We’re bringing out a high-performance version of MG4 in about six months,” Guy Pigounakis, MG Commercial Director, explained in an interview with Automotive Daily.

“It gives us the option of erring on the side of comfort with the standard car because of the very high-performance, twin-motor derivative.”

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Rumours suggest that the hot model could offer over 300kW, while rekindling the X-Power brand is also a possibility – MG has already used it on a limited-edition MG6 model in China. The hot MG4 will play a big role in changing the current MG brand image. “I’d like to see the brand transitioning more towards a sporty image,” said Pigounakis. “We have very sensible cars today. That’s about to change into sensible and fun cars.”

Although the striking new MG4 heralds a new design language for MG, the MG5 gives more clues to how another new model might look.

“The MG4 looks like a very different car from every other model we currently build, but it’s a sign of our future. However, some of the cars in the transition – such as the MG5 – won’t just go straight to that sort of design,” said Pigounakis.

A facelifted HS SUV is expected to arrive in 2024 with similar design tweaks to the MG5, with updated styling, improvements to quality and the latest infotainment systems. Like the current car, it will be available as a plug-in hybrid to ease MG customers towards that 2027 date of full electrification.

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The popular MG ZS SUV, however, is likely to receive a more substantial overhaul. As well as taking its design cues from the new MG4, it could also include a shift to the modular, scalable electric car-only MSP platform used for the electric hatchback.

That would mean a couple of battery options and the potential for four-wheel drive, as with the MG4, as well as serious improvements to in-car tech and quality. It’ll probably go on sale at the end of 2024.

Before then, the MG3 hatch will also be replaced by a new model, although it’s unlikely to feature any electrification, which could mean its lifespan is relatively short.

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