Rolls-Royce Spectre moves closer to production


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Rolls-Royce continues testing and development of the new Spectre, this time taking the luxury car to the French Riviera.

The Rolls-Royce Spectre has entered a pivotal phase of its testing programme in the French Riviera ahead of the electric coupe’s launch towards the end of 2023.

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Following months of tests in testing in extreme conditions just 55km south of the Arctic Circle, the Spectre will now be driven for a total of 625,000km on the Côte d’Azur.

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It will be split into two parts, with tests taking place at the Autodrome de Miramas proving ground and the surrounding countryside.

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The development in France will involve fine-tuning of a new electronic roll-stabilisation suspension system, which Rolls-Royce says will afford the brand’s characteristic ‘magic carpet ride’ quality.

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The system is able to analyse sat-nav data and the road ahead to provide maximum comfort and is able to decouple the car’s anti-roll bars to reduce “high-frequency imperfections” on the road.

Rolls-Royce said the testing in the south of France will help to give a clearer view on how the Spectre drives in “everyday use” on corniche-style roads and faster carriageways further inland.

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The British brand’s engineers have also reduced the Spectre’s drag coefficient to 0.25Cd, down from the originally predicted 0.26Cd.

Rolls-Royce also said that the development of the Spectre, which will be its first ever electric production car, is currently around 40 per cent complete – 10 per cent on from our first drive of a pre-production prototype back in March.

The Spectre’s testing began almost a year ago in September 2021. Its full testing programme involves a total of 2,500,000km driven. We have also had a ride-along with the latest testing programme.

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Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös claimed the Spectre has become the brand’s most anticipated car ever.

“Free from the restrictions connected to the internal combustion engine, our battery-electric vehicle will offer the purest expression of the Rolls-Royce experience in the marque’s 118-year history,” he said.

“This latest testing phase proves a suite of advanced technologies that underpin a symbolic shift for Rolls-Royce as it progresses towards a bright, bold, all-electric future.

“This will secure the ongoing relevance of our brand for generations to come.”

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