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Dutch start-up Squad Mobility unveils a new quadricycle that features built-in solar panels.

Dutch start-up car maker Squad Mobility has unveiled its new Solar City Car, a small European market ultra-compact that is a direct rival to the likes of the Citroën Ami. But unlike the Ami, it’s a quadricycle that can be charged up by the sun.

The electric quadricycle features built-in solar panels and is now available for preorder after three years of development work by Squad Mobility, a company that was founded by Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok in 2019. They previously worked for Lightyear, a firm developing a long-range solar car – but the Solar City Car is tasked with tackling short, inner-city journeys.

Due to go on sale next year and priced from €6250 (AUD$9369) in Europe, the Solar City Car is intended for both private and shared mobility use. Certainly don’t expect it, nor the Citroen Ami, to launch in Australia, however.

The two-seater Solar City is two metres long, one-metre wide and 1.6 metres tall, and is powered by a pair of 2kW electric motors that power the rear wheels and give a top speed of 45km/h.

Like the Ami, it is classed in the L6e vehicle category for light four-wheeled vehicles, which means it can be driven by 16-year-olds in certain countries in Europe. A more powerful 70km/h version, which would sit in the L7 vehicle category, is planned for a later date.

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