Car Finance

Car Finance

How to pay off a car loan early (or exit one)

Car loans are great for buying a car you can't pay for outright - but it feels even better once they're paid off. So how do you pay it off early or exit one you can't keep?

How the electric car discount in Australia works

Motorists can save tens of thousands of dollars when buying an EV thanks to the Government's Electric Car Discount.

Car Finance Deals in Australia this month

Looking for the best car finance deals? We've scoured car loan providers and services to find what great offers are available right now.

Allied Credit partners with Alfa Romeo, Jeep, and Fiat for car finance

Stellantis' Australian arm has partnered with Allied Credit to offer finance for three of the automotive giant's brands locally - Alfa Romeo, Jeep, and Fiat.

Temporary full expensing tax write-off for cars explained

At tax time this year, cars and light commercial vehicles driven for business use will be eligible for certain write-offs under the Temporary Full Expensing scheme. Here is how it works.

What does driveaway price mean?

The most accurate cost for getting a car on the road is its driveaway price - but what does this include?